12th December 2014

Statement from the The Immunology of Diabetes Society

The Immunology of Diabetes Society (IDS) is a scientific society dedicated to improving understanding and treatment of type 1 diabetes. IDS organizes a Congress every 18 months at which there are scientific presentations to further this goal. IDS entered into an agreement with the conferences division of Elsevier to act as conference organizer for the 14th IDS Congress in Munich in 2015. Subsequently, a controversy has developed over a letter in July in The Lancet, an Elsevier publication, about the situation in Gaza. Regrettably, the controversy is ongoing.

The IDS Council wishes to inform its members that the arrangement with Elsevier to organize the IDS Congress is solely to facilitate the Congress and to increase and disseminate knowledge about the immunology of diabetes. This arrangement should not be interpreted as support for or endorsement of Elsevier’s activities more broadly.