About the IDS

The Immunology of Diabetes Society (IDS) is a scientific society dedicated to improving understanding and treatment of type 1 diabetes. IDS organizes a Congress every 18 months in major centres in Europe, North America and Asia/Oceania at which there are scientific presentations to further this goal.

Much has been discovered about the immunology of type 1 diabetes but more needs to be learned before we reach the goal of treating diabetes without multiple insulin injections each day.

Our Society exists to bring together many strands of scientific endeavour with the goal of better understanding and treatment oftype 1 diabetes. These strands include breakdown of tolerance and developmentof autoimmunity, how beta cells are destroyed by the immune system, the nature of the autoantigens recognised by pathogenic T cells, the role of viruses and other environmental factors in triggering and promoting autoimmunity. We are especially focused on clinical trials of new therapies.

Our meetings have been the scene of many breaking discoveries in type 1 diabetes and the scene of many vigorous discussions. I encourage you to make room in your busy calendars for these meetings that are not only highly informative but also a great way to maintain international contacts and networks amongst type 1 diabetes colleagues.


Announcement of 20th IDS Congress
20th IDS Congress
Nov 4-8, 2024
Bruges, Belgium
Organized by Chantal Mathieu and Lut Overbergh
Info at: [email protected]
(University of Leuven, Leuven, Belgium)